August 17, 2018

Week 3 August 20th - 24th Letter Aa

August 17,2018

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 

The kindergarten class enjoyed their first full week of learning, 

discovering and playing. We will continue to work on our 

classroom routines and procedures for the next few weeks. 

This will make our school year a success.

Thank you Mia for our delicious Muffins on Friday!!

Please help us fill up our "Treasure Chest". Please send in small toys, fun pencils, erasers, balls, stamps mazes, necklaces, bracelets, etc. 
These prices are used as incentives and rewards in our classroom.

We are going to be working with the letter Aa
The vocabulary for this letter is: 

apple, astronaut, ax, alligator, alphabet, 

ant, armadillo, angry, ankle, and anteater.

If you have any objects that begin with the letter "Aa" please send them in on Monday.

Some of the books we are going to be reading this week are the following:


What will Abby Alligator be — an artist, an astronaut, an actor? We will find out when we read this fun story.


The author tells the tale of a little boy who is sure that there is an alligator under his bed. Getting no sympathy from his parents who ``never saw it,'' he forms a plan of attack. He leaves a trail of food from his bed through the house to the garage door. He then follows behind as the alligator gobbles up the goodies, fresh vegetables, fruit, and even ``the last piece of pie,'' making its way to the garage. The boy then locks the door.


Two young sisters watch in fascination as their apple tree changes, from bare in winter to bursting with pink blossoms in spring, and as robins build a nest. When autumn comes, the small green apples have grown big enough for picking and for pie! The words we are going to be discussing from this book are: branch, blossoms, chirp, brim, guarding and delicious.

The urban landscape will never look the same again. As Stephen T. Johnson demonstrates in a series of strikingly realistic pastels and watercolors, a simple sawhorse can contain the letter "A" — while lampposts alongside a highway can form a row of elegant, soaring Y's.

"Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing."..because a snake would lose it, a billy goat would eat it for lunch, and it would always be wet on a walrus! This well-loved book by Judi and Ron Barrett shows the very youngest reader why animals' clothing is perfect...just as it is.

This week we will be focusing on the sorting letters / words/ sentences.

We will also be comparing the number of words in a sentence. 

In Math we will be discussing Shapes. We will be using the vocabulary same and different. 

We will continue to practice more complex patterns.


Beginning readers use a lot of different ways to become more fluent readers. One of the most important ways to do that is to be able to read and recognize sight words. 
Sight words refer to the words that are most frequently used and repeated in books, which is why sight words are also sometimes referred to as “high-frequency” words. The same words are also sometimes called “popcorn words.” The phrase popcorn words refer to the fact that students should be able to just pop those words out every time they see them. 
We will continue with the same sight words from last week: 

the, I, and, a, to.

Please practice them at home with your child every day.

Last week the class created our CLASSROOM AGREEMENT. These are a set of expectations we came up with that lets everyone know what  is expected from them. Each student signed it . This creates ownership and responsibility.

We also began using our CLIP CHART the students understand how it is used in our class. Everyday ask your child where he ended up at the end of the day. This is a great way to motivate great classroom behavior.

Homework will be sent home on 
Tuesday & Thursday