May 31, 2019

Week 40 June 3rd - 5th Last Week of School

May 31,2019

Dear Parents,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

This is our last blog post for the school year. We cannot believe how fast it went by.
 We want to thank each and everyone of you for all your help and support this year. We've been lucky enough to have had this wonderful class and watch them learn, play, and grow together. This is an outstanding bunch of kids. They are ready to conquer the challenges of first grade. Bravo Kindergartners for all your handwork and dedication!! We will miss ALL of you. 

This week the students will be dismissed at at 11:45 .

The students will be visiting the grade they will be promoted to on Monday, June 3rd. The purpose of this event is to give our students an idea of what is in store for them as they enter the next grade. Our students will visit a classroom at the next grade level for an overview of that grade level and a question/answer period. The class they attend will not necessarily be their class or teacher but it will give them an opportunity to see and hear what the next grade level is all about and the fun that will be in store for them next year! 
Fun activities and lots of exciting news will be shared with them!

We will dedicate this week to reviewing skills taught throughout the year.

 We will wrap our explanatory writing unit by making sandwiches.  Please send in your child's favorite sandwich ingredients on Monday. Each student will teach us how they make their favorite sandwich.

We will be having a board game center this week. If you have any board games you want to share with the class, please send them in on Tuesday.

Read daily for at least 10 minutes. If your book has a quiz, take it. You may also record yourself.